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Yudanova, K.O. Poverty trend data and opportunities for poverty alleviation

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2014-12 in rubric "Social studies and monitoring", pages 1485-1492.

Resume: This day the Russian economy faces very important strategic objectives — acceleration of economic growth and poverty alleviation. To reduce the level of poverty, it is necessary to analyze poverty trend data over the last decades as well as opportunities for reducing it. This is the subject of research being analyzed in the present article. Poverty alleviation directly relates to the existing national social policy that involves different programs, “relief aid” and “poverty reduction”. The latter is aimed at reducing the number of poor people and preventing from their growth. This is the social “vector” of the economic policy. Theoretical and methodological bases of the present research involve researches of scientists, authors and experts in poverty. In the course of her research Yudanova has also applied the interdisciplinary approach based on the combination of systems, comparative and historical analysis. Yudanova proves that today’s poverty has micro-level causes in the Russian Federation. In Russia the poverty is caused by a certain life style or personal qualities of the poor, or misfortunes that have been experienced by families but haven’t been duly compensated by means of national social policy. At the same time the researcher shows that in the long term the question about reduction or growth of the level of poverty deals with the macroeconomic indicators, first of all, the economic growth. Considering that in Russia poor people are mostly employed people, it will be possible to reduce the level of poverty through direct changes in the economic structure, incomes, creation of new work positions that fulfill modern requirements, implementation of differentiated taxation policy, consumer policy and etc.

Keywords: economic growth, poverty alleviation, the share of poor people, the “face” of poverty, social structure of poverty, “the new poor”, the poor as a result of low income, the poor as a result of deprivation, chronic poverty, national social policy.

DOI: 10.7256/1812-8696.2014.12.13189

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