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Levin, V. I. Viktor Ilyich Varshavsky as an Engineer, Researcher and Scientist

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2014-3 in rubric "BLESS YOUR NAME, TEACHER", pages 42-49.

Resume: The article is devoted to the scientific biography of an outstanding engineer and a major scientist Viktor Ilyich Varshavsky. Levin describes some peculiarities of Varshavskys scientific wok and the influence of his family relations, friends, close people and colleagues thereon. Levin also provides an overview of the main achievements of Varshavsky in science (automata theory, computing technology, threshold logic and artificial intelligence) and engineering (asynchronous circuit technology). Levin also analyzes Varshavskys scientific and pedagogical activity and its influence on the development of the Soviet and Russian technology science. He creates the image of Varshavsky as a man and citizen. Levin also traces back the connection between researches of his creative team and modern researches in the sphere of computing technology and artificial intelligence. The basis of the present research involves memories of Varshavskys family members, friends, close people and colleagues as well as Levins own remembrances. Levin also provides impressions of this great scientist shared by the aforesaid people. Levin has collected data and appraisals of Varshavsky regarding different sides of his life and work such as science, engineering, literature, teaching and etc. Based on Levin, researches of Varshavsky and his students in the sphere of computing technology (so called asynchronics) could have changed this sphere significantly if only they were put to practice. However, it was practically impossible to fulfill their ideas in life.

Keywords: Viktor Ilyich Varshavsky, scientific biography, threshold logic, automata theory, asynchronics, artificial intelligence, scientists personality, arrangement of science, computing technology, homogenous structures.

DOI: 10.7256/2306-434X.2014.3.13034

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