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Gurbanova, F. A. Surnames in Languages of Different Systems

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-11 in rubric "Philosophy of language and communication", pages 1579-1583.

Resume: Proper names and surnames are a special subsystem in the system of vocabulary where linguistic laws change quite specifically like a ray of light when it is transferred from one medium to another. This subsystem has the patterns that cannot be met outside the sphere of proper names. The author of the article studies surnames in languages of different systems. She underlines that surnames are created based on the linguistic rules and therefore reflect the history of language. Azerbaijani, English and German surnames also reflect the history of nation. Languages of different systems have similar and different anthroponyms that allow to understand the connection between cultures of different nations. This provides an opportunity to establish that surnames are part of the history of nation and culture. Inheriting communication media that were created long time ago, each speech community develops and improves these media depending on their growing needs. Languages of different systems Azerbaijani, English and German have particular differences and similarities in surnames that allow to understand the relation between cultures of different nations and common roots of these cultures. This provides an opportunity to establish that surnames are part of the culture and history of nation.

Keywords: proper names, language, surnames (last names), scientific researches, anthroponomical models, nickname, history of language, history of nation, component.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.11.12441

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