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Plakhov, A. S. The Problems of Knowledge Accumulation in Terms of Meaning-Making

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-11 in rubric "Frontiers and theories of knowledge", pages 1573-1578.

Resume: Today philosophy as well as other humanitarian and natural sciences are focused on overcoming limitations of classical and nonclassical approaches (as defined by V. Stepin). Although a great research has been carried out in this sphere, there are still a lot of unclear and undeveloped aspects left. One of them is the process of meaning-making when the whole range of knowledge is being established. These are the important issues the given article is devoted to. Based on a number of works written by great scientific researchers (in particular, a contemporary French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and a Russian philosopher Yakov Svirsky) and the authors predecessors, the author compares different points of view on the phenomenon of meaning-making. Noteworthy that the author also analyzes the relation between the meaning-making process and the process of defining whether information created as a result of successful completion of the former process is true or false. As the final result, the author develops a methodological outline of the general scheme for describing meaning-making processes in all types of knowledge. Meanings (according to Deleuzes hypotheses which were later developed by Yakov Svirsky) have been linked to Deleuzes concept of surface. There the proliferation and some kind of recession.

Keywords: Gilles Deleuze, Yakov Iosifovich Svirsky, surface, meaning, logic, transdisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, types of knowledge, scientific theories, proliferation.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.11.13083

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