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Polovets I. M. Specific Features of Military Service

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2014-11 in rubric "Public and municipal service and the citizen", pages 1133-1141.

Resume: The subject matter of research is the specific features of military service in the Russian Federation, the set of the attributes characteristic of the military service as a type of federal public service. The objectives of the work are as follows: to consider the attributes specific of the military service by which the military service may be differentiated from any other type of public service; to give a brief description of such attributes taking into consideration the rules of the current laws; to identify the key differences between the military service and the civil public service, and the special type of the military service. The comparative analysis of the rules of the current laws on military service which makes it possible to identify the attributes typical of the military service and underlining the special status of the military service. The research established that the majority of the above listed distinctive features of the military service are of a special nature. The key differences between the military service and the civil public service lie in the purpose of such types of public service, in the functions performed and objectives achieved by them. The unique feature of the military service is performance by the military servant of specific functions in order to procure the defense and security of the Russian Federation using special methods and applying, or possibly applying, instruments of war (weapons and military machinery) with the opponent which are required under the federal laws. The special features of the military service are expressed in the fact that, taking into account the detailed regulation by laws and rules of the military service relationships, it does not always appear possible to establish (identify) the course of action of the military servant in a certain situation, in particular, during the conduct of action, which also emphasizes the special status of the military service.

Keywords: specific features, military service, attributes, special type, responsibility, payments, allowances, specifics, service conditions, security.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2014.11.13383

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