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Kurakin, A.V., Ostroushko, A.V. Review of the monograph by Bukalerova, L.A., Gavryushkina, Y.B. “Comparative analysis of criminal legal counteraction against intermediary in bribery”, Moscow, Yurlitinform, 2014, - 192 p.

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2014-10 in rubric "Reviews and bibliography", pages 1081-1084.

Resume: Development of economics and social infrastructure tends to corrode the state government and administration bodies first of all. Due to the predominant corruption among the state and municipal officials, the citizens are being pushed out from the spheres of free of charge obligatory services in the sphere of healthcare, education, social guarantees. Free of charge public educational, social and administrative services become paid for them. Corruption allows the offenders to avoid legal responsibility for their unlawful acts, making them feel impunity, and lowering the prestige of the judicial and law-enforcement bodies in particular, and government as a whole among the population, and causing the dangerous legal nihilism. The methodological basis for the scientific article was formed by the current achievements of the theory of cognition. In the process of studies the author used general philosophical, theoretical and empiric methods (dialectics, systemic method, analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, observation, modeling), traditional legal methods ( formal logic method), and methods typical for specific sociological studies (statistical, expert evaluation, etc.). Growth of corruption, and more specifically, of bribery as its most socially dangerous form, is facilitated by various objective and subjective factors. However, many industrially developed foreign states have formed efficient systems of fighting corruption, and there is an atmosphere of zero tolerance towards this dangerous social matter among the population in general.

Keywords: corruption, offence, counteraction, bribe, intermediary, punishment, law, limitation, prohibition, standard. Administrative and municipal law and the environmental problems.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2014.10.13056

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