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Repyeva A. M. Modern Russias official migration policy management characteristics

Published in journal "Trends and management", 2014-4 in rubric "Social and political systems management", pages 421-427.

Resume: The subject of this research is constituted of the characteristics and problems of Russias 2000-2014 migration policy implementation. Among the topical issues are the genesis, the stage-by-stage development of existing migration policy, as well as the interrelations of executive government bodies that have authority over this area, and the vectors of migration policy, the collision of different points of view on this issue, cause and effect of changes brought by specific Law, the split between planned and expected results of implemented novelties. Despite the fact that migration law existed in the 90s, official Russian migration policy only started to form by early 2000s, which is the cause for numerous contradictions, counter-trends, collisions of Law and the colossal gap between theory and practice of executing migration Law. Analyzing specific issues of Russian migration policy implementation, we need to establish a methodological apparatus. First, it includes the political science approach (both systemic and institutional). Second, the migration approach that includes using theoretical (general population mobility theory, theory of migration behavior, the 3-stage migration process theory), as well as applied practical concepts (world-wide international migration model, the Eurasian migration system concept), all to better understand migration processes that occur on the territory of Russian Federation. Third, history-based approach (historical vector, historical and demographical concept, theory of historic structuralism) which views migration from a retrospective angle and studies the entire history of migration in various parts of the world. Fourthly, the social science approach that views migration as a sign of stronger cultural, social, national, ethnic and social connections of migrating population; a process of building relations between immigrants and core population. Fifth, the legal approach that involves jurisprudential point of view, as well as the concept of migration Law, focused on improving the normative and legal base and the search of ways and means to perfect legal regulation of migration processes in Russia. Sixth, comparative analysis, which is crucial for comparing the experience of different countries that use different methods of regulating migration processes. Seventh, statistical methods. The novelty of this research is also seen in the fact that migration policies are, from a certain perspective, a reflection of the current situation within the countrys borders. This is related to mutual influence of migration, economic, social, political, ideological and cultural processes. Drawing the conclusion, we make the assumption that it is important to analyze not only the general direction of migration policy within existing periods of its genesis, but rather all stages of decision-making regarding migration-focused legislation: the background of their drafting, opinions of various parties (representing the state and the civil society), their arguments regarding the efficiency and effect of the bill being discussed, possible amendments and changes, all iterations of the bill sent back to the Duma by the Federal Council, the final adoption of law and the consequences of this legal action, its influence on the general vector of Russias migration policy. Only this comprehensive, multi-facetted analysis of migration policies will help fully reflect the true state of affairs within the country.

Keywords: management, migration, quotas, resettlement, Law, temporary papers, temporary residence, permanent residence, Ministry of health, policies

DOI: 10.7256/2307-9118.2014.4.13033

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