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Raiklin E. I. Negation of negation law, by the example of late XIX century Russias development

Published in journal "Trends and management", 2014-4 in rubric "Social management", pages 400-404.

Resume: In this article, modest in size, the author skims the surface of the social and economic growth of Russia from the second half of XIX-th century till the Soviet socialist and post-Soviet post-socialist days of our country. This historical period was not chosen by accident. The author believes that more than one-and-half century of Russian history passed not just by dominating influence of capitalism, but rather in a state when one form of capitalism replaces another, leaving no place for socialism, let alone communism. The methodological basis of this work consists of the systemic, structural and functional, comparative and historical, comparative and economical approaches, as well as methods of analysis, synthesis, generalization and modeling. If, at times, Russias forward movement displays certain regress to various forms of feudalism, this apparent deviation from the capitalist goal, in reality, is merely adaptation to dynamic environment, and does not actually mean the abandonment of the goal, just the search for new ways to achieve it.

Keywords: management, economy, Russia, Negation of negation Law, trends, political regime, state, interests, values, security

DOI: 10.7256/2307-9118.2014.4.12955

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