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Gurevich, P. S. In the Spectrum of Relics

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-6 in rubric "The stream of books", pages 919-921.

Resume: The author of the research makes an assumption that among the variety of moral absolutes we can define so called system-forming ones. Technically, the word truth and justice have a similar meaning because justice means truth and fairness. As HalilBarlybaev wrote, being the main intellectual value, truth means the intentional consent of the intelligence with ta real item or correspondence thereto; this is the definition originating from Plato and Aristotle. Getting rid of the illusions is a life condition allowing a man to fully achieve his capacities, or, as Spinoza said, become the example of human nature. Human is obsessed with the wrong ideas about himself and the world. Only those people who follow reason are capable to stop being a toy in hands of their own passions and to be guided in life by two active desires reason and virtue. When assessing Halil Barlybaevs scientific research, the author uses canons of historical and philosophical research and shows how his concept connects with the other philosophers starting from Plato and up to our times. The author of the review widely uses capabilities of the synergetic approach allowing to evaluate the system-forming features of the values being analyzed. Halil Barlybaev is a serious researcher constantly choosing the most crucial problems of the modern world for his philosophical mediations. This time Halil Barlybaev gives us an insight into the spectrum of relics. According to Barlybaev, a man chooses himself what relics are sacred and dear to him. However, many people share the same spiritual absolutes. Even though it had been known long ago that an individual may have life attitudes that are very important for him, there was no common word which would reflect and denote these attitudes. Cultural experts call an unchanged and innermost life orientation value. This is what an individual cannot image a complete life without. When researchers say value, they usually mean what is sacred for a particular individual, a group of people or the entire humankind.

Keywords: value, truth, justice, society, virtue, consciousness, intellect, morals, history, freedom.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.6.12264

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Barlybaev Kh.A. Istina i spravedlivost' kak sistemoobrazuyushchie tsennosti. Izd-e vtoroe i dopolnennoe. M., 2014. 64 s
L.V. Maksimov Chto takoe moral': problema opredeleniya // Filosofiya i kul'tura. - 2012. - 10. - C. 115 - 126.

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