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Gurevich, P. S. The Influence of Nikolay Berdyaev on European Philosophy

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-6 in rubric "Editor-in-Chief's column", pages 787-792.

Resume: Nikolay Berdyaev anniversary (140th anniversary of his birth) is a good reason to dispute against a number of opinions of Russian philosophers regarding evaluation of Nikolay Berdyaevs philosophical heritage. In their speeches and scientific articles philosophers often note that Nikolay Berdyaevs ideas are not integral and his publications contain many contradictory statements proving that Nikolay Berdyaevs philosophical thought is rather contradictory and imperfect. Researchers also write that Berdyaevs philosophy lacks originality and novelty and his only work that is worthy of attention is his Philosophy of Inequality even despite the fact that the philosopher supposedly refused from his own work because it was too anti-democratic. Finally, researcherscomment that if Nikolay Berdyaev happened to be in the West, he would be regarded as the follower of the European existential tradition and wouldnt even make a great contribution to it. In his article Pavel Gurevich uses the main concepts of existential philosophy and the global experience of philosophical understanding of human. The author of the article also uses discoveries of the personalistic philosophy as well as practical findings of the phenomenological reflection. The article presents the first attempt to provide an explicit description of the influence of Nikolay Berdyaev on the European philosophy. It is the authors opinion that Berdyaevs dialectics allowed him to enter the European philosophy not as an epigone but a great philosopher. The author also in detail views unexpected and original thoughts of Nikolay Berdyaev that made a great contribution to philosophy and anthropology.

Keywords: philosophical anthropology, existentialism, personalism, personality, being, spirituality, non-being, transcendence, society, human.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.6.12132

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