'International organizations and their role in prevention, regulation and resolution of ethnic-political conflicts.' National Security / nota bene nbpublish.com
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Karpovich, O.G. International organizations and their role in prevention, regulation and resolution of ethnic-political conflicts.

Published in journal "National Security / nota bene", 2014-3 in rubric "External aspects of national security", pages 398-405.

Resume: Ethnic-political conflicts remain among most topical issues in the international relations, and they have great impact upon the situation in the regions of our planet. It is no accident, that many programs and declarations of international organizations pay scrupulous attention to the sets of instruments and practices, which should allow the international community to prevent and resolve ethnic-political conflicts. The complicated character of development of such documents is due to the fact that it is practically impossible to consider the entire specter of the problems arising in the process of escalation of ethnic-political conflicts. There is also an objective difficulty with the development of the necessary measures for the prevention of various conflicts, since the main goal of international organizations is to prevent military conflicts as destructive manifestations of the human nature. This article provides comparative analysis of the programs of the UNO, the OSCE and the African Union for regulation, resolution and prevention of modern ethnic-political conflicts. And there is also a forecast for topical perspectives of successful implementation of these programs in the nearest future.

Keywords: international relations, foreign policy, national security, geopolitics, ethnic-political conflicts, diplomacy, state, interests, values, the UN.

DOI: 10.7256/2073-8560.2014.3.11786

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