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Ponomarenko E.V. Legal development in the context of the humanization of the Russian legal system

Published in journal "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences", 2014-2 in rubric "Philosophy", pages 109-114.

Resume: The subject of this research is Legal Development. The article discusses legal development in terms of the development of legal ideas about humanism by individual humans and society in general. Legal development includes human actions of intellectual and volitional nature mediated by the Law aimed at the transformation of elements of human activity (social reality). We are talking about humanization (spirituality and transformation of welfare) by means of human rights and society; the creation of a legal system, the center of which is a man, his rights and freedoms. Legal development is intellectual and volitional actions mediated by rights, aimed at the conversion and humanization of the legal system, the substantiation of the value of a person, one’s rights and freedoms in the legal system. Research methodology is rational and critical thinking in the context of universal values, natural rights and freedoms of people. The novelty lies in translating the ideas of humanism in the Law, the transformation of the individual, society and the state in terms of legal ideas of human development by the individual and society. In law, the ideas of humanism are formed as a gradual change in the ratio of such concepts as ‘rights’ and ‘man’. The idea lies in the ‘humanization’ of the Law, establishing such a legal system, which would be focused on people, their rights and freedoms.

Keywords: development, legal development, modern legal system, human rights, human values, humanization of the legal system, person and the right, the right as a value, right values, rational and critical thinking

DOI: 10.7256/1339-3057.2014.2.12237

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