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Nikolaeva A. V., Barkhatova I.A., Ulyanov S.V. Intelligent robust control of an autonomous robot-manipulator

Published in journal "Software systems and computational methods", 2014-1 in rubric "Knowledge Base, Intelligent Systems, Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems", pages 34-62.

Resume: the article deals with problem of designing intelligent control system with the use of soft computing technologies on the example of a complex control object redundant robot manipulator with seven degrees of freedom. It is well known, that effectiveness of means used to solve a particular task in the problem-oriented field depends on the level of compliance between the computational intelligence of the tools and the level of complexity of the problem being solved. Selection of an adequate and effective tools for particular problem-oriented field is challenging (or shows intuitive contradictions) for students, engineers and developers of new science-based high technologies. The article describes effective techniques and appliance of soft computing technologies. The authors discusses methods of usage of applied models of intelligent computing, reviews their combined use in tasks of intelligent control. The main advantage of implementation of integrated intelligent control systems is the possibility of obtaining a guaranteed result: achieving the management goals with maximum of control quality at the top level and at the same time with minimal consumption of the resource of object of control regulator system on the lower level (performer) of hierarchical automatic control system.

Keywords: intelligent management system, automated management system, genetic algorithm, soft computing technologies, base of knowledge, fuzzy control, management exception, subject to management, control decomposition, control action

DOI: 10.7256/2305-6061.2014.1.11466

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