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Kabakchi, M. K. Creative Work of an Architect Lars Sonck: From Art Nouveau to Modernism

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-5 in rubric "Philosophy and art", pages 760-766.

Resume: The article is devoted to peculiarities of the development of architecture in Finland during the first third of the XXth century as illustrated by creative works of a famous architect and one of the founders of the Finnish school of architecture Lars Sonck (18701956). The purpose of the research is to study creative works created by Lars Sonck during the transition period from Art Nouveau to Modernism (Functionalism in architecture). The significance research of Lars Sonck is conditioned with the fact that the process of the development of Art Nouveau, Neo-Classicism and Modernism in the architecture of Finland is not studied enough. The object of research is the evolution of Lars Soncks creativity during the above mentioned period. The subject of research is the architectural concepts that had been presented in the architecture of Finland since the end of the XXth century to the first third of the XXth century and their practical implementation in Lars Soncks creativity. Research methods include methods that are usually used in historical architectural, art history and comparative stylistic analysis. As a result of research, the author concludes that the Finish architect combined axial symmetry and monochromatic facade finish with certain elements of National Romanticism of the turn of the century. Lars Soncks Neo-Classicism of the 1910th was an intermediate stage between National Romanticism and Modernism that was already dominating in the architecture of Finland at the beginning of the 1930th which is clearly illustrated by the three famous buildings designed by of Lars Sonck.

Keywords: Lars Sonck, Finnish architecture, Art Nouveau, Neo-Classicism, Modernism, culture, St. Michaels Church, Kallio Church, Mikael Agricola Church, Church Council in Helsinki.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.5.11891

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