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Zakhovaeva, A. G. Social and Philosophical Conception of Art

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2014-5 in rubric "Social philosophy", pages 697-703.

Resume: The author of the article studies the problem of definition of the term art in social philosophy. She analyzes the social and humanizing meaning of art and views factors of mutual interaction between art and society. According to the author, art is a special social world of sensual images created by using a particular form and material. This world can socialize and humanize, i.e. form a socially important personality. In art the world is felt through a dialogue and co-existence. Noteworthy that art is perceived as ones experience and part of Self but not only the external image. Art directly influences our feelings and mind but this is not the only effect of art. Art influences ones inner world through feelings, gates of art. Conclusions are made based on both theoretical sources and modern media technologies (the researcher carried out the survey on the Internet asking Was the spiritual crisis of the society caused by art?). From the point of view of the social and philosophical paradigm, art is a mean of interpersonal communication and the personality-personality (subject-subject) coordinate system. It is the dialogue of understanding being developed against the background of the historical development of the society. Social functions of art are in the fact that art is the dialogue between Self and You and co-existence of two personalities. This dialogue between an artist and the audience is the door to understanding, however, such understanding is not complete. It is an interpretation, experience of feelings and what an artist leaves for co-creation or some kind of a sensual area for interpretation. Art is a personified intellectual social emotion, social feeling of the thought and the sixth sense.

Keywords: social philosophy, art, social, feeling of the thought, socialization, humanization, society, personality, dialogue, culture.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2014.5.11824

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