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Kurakin, A.V., Kostennikov, M.V. New book on state civil service. Review on the study manual by A.A. Grishkovets “State Civil Service”, Moscow, Delo i Servis, 2014 — 624 p.

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2014-3 in rubric "Reviews and bibliography", pages 294-298.

Resume: It is pointed out in the review that there are rather many various publications are devoted to the problems of state service in general and state civil service in particular. These publications include manuals, teaching materials, monographs and PhD theses. The published scientific works and teaching manuals concern various aspects of state service relations, and the institution of the state service is studied by the legal scholars working in various spheres. However, in spite of the interdisciplinary approach towards the studies of state service relations, the institution of state service is studied in most detail within the framework of the science of administrative law. The methodological basis for the work was formed by the modern achievements of the cognitive theory. In the process of studies the author used general philosophical, theoretical and empiric methods (dialectics, systemic method, analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, observation, modeling), traditional legal methods ( formal logic method), and methods typical for specific sociological studies (statistical, expert evaluation, etc.). The legal scholars specializing in administrative law consider state service to be one of the key issues in teaching administrative law.

Keywords: service ,servant, official, review, reform, efficiency, system, success, corruption, regulation.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2014.3.11252

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