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D.V. Danilenko The Internet as a system for transporting goods

Published in journal "SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences", 2014-1 in rubric "Economics", pages 57-62.

Resume: The author considers the Internet as a system for transporting goods. The influence of the Internet on the transportation of goods is also considered. The delivery of digital goods (books, music, video) to customers is described. The main purpose of the article is to present the consequences of the advent of 3D printers which would allow for the delivery of material goods to the end-consumer (or retailer/end-producer). The author thinks that it is possible to dematerialize material objects with the help of a 3D scanner and \ship\ them via the Internet to the end-consumer (end-producer or retailer), who could then reconstitute those objects with the help of a 3D printer at the destination. Finally, it is obvious from these hypotheses that Internet traffic volumes are likely to grow.

Keywords: Economics, Internet, 3D printer, transport, production, freight, delivery, digital, objects, shipment.

DOI: 10.7256/1339-3057.2014.1.11542

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