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Detsuk, A. R. Transformation of the Image of Motherland as an Essential Element of the National Idea in Russia

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2013-3 in rubric "Spiritual and moral search", pages 253-257.

Resume: Perception of the image of Russian Motherland has been changing throughout the history of Russia. However, noteworthy that it is only the external side of understanding which has been changing and these changes have never influenced the basic concept of Motherland. Each historical epoch had an impact on these perceptions. Foreign policy played a very signification role, too. Since the very moment when the Russian government was formed, Russia has been fighting wars with other countries. There had been times when the existence of the country and preservation of the national culture were questioned. In other words, the image of Motherland has being formed since the moment when Russia was established as a country. The author of the article uses the retrospective method which allows to trace back the main milestones in transformation of the image of Russia throughout the history of our state. The comparative method allows the author to prove that there are two levels of perceiving the image of our Motherland that are related to defense of our homeland military defense and cultural defense. Today we cant or dont want to understand that our national idea should be the preservation of culture. Each national initially tries to preserve its cultural identity. Therefore, the first level of perception of the image of Motherland (military defense) passes into the background and it goes without saying that preservation of cultural identity and therefore preservation of Russian state should be the priority.

Keywords: transformation, Motherland, history, national idea, image, culture, defense, perception, level, spirituality.

DOI: 10.7256/2306-434X.2013.3.10511

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