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Voronova, L.K. New legislation of Ukraine on budget expenditures as a third stage of the budget process

Published in journal "Financial Law and Management", 2014-1 in rubric " ", pages 23-44.

Resume: This article provides analysis of the renewed legislation of Ukraine on budget expenditures. The author discusses the following financing principles: maximal effect at minimum expenditures, targeted character of use of budget assignations; provision of budget funds according to compliance with the plan an earlier provides assignations; non-refundable character of budget financing; free-of-charge budget financing; following financial discipline and economy regime. These principles are applied to the budget financing, however, provision of budget funds is based upon different principles. The author discusses the correlation of the terms public expenditures and budget expenditures. Much attention is paid to the Budget Code of the Russian federation, the Law on State Budget of Ukraine and other normative legal acts, for which the author provides in-depth analysis. The article discusses various elements of the Ukrainian budget law, and the author also provides comparisons with the foreign legislation.

Keywords: financial law of Ukraine, budget law of Ukraine, Law on Budget, expenditures, income, financing, provision of funds, financing principles, budget, budget structure.

DOI: 10.7256/2310-0508.2014.1.9888

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