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Akopyan O.A. State and Legal Regulation of Ecology in Social, Economic and Industrial Development of the PRC

Published in journal "Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law", 2013-4 in rubric "CONSTITUTIONAL ECONOMICS", pages -.

Resume: In front of the Peoples Republic of China rather a challenge — it is necessary to force economic development, to increase industrial potential, and therefore to create favorable conditions for economic activities. On the other hand, the state should solve and environmental problems that assumes allocation of budgetary funds on preservation of the environment and introduction of certain ecological restrictions on industrial production in the territory of China. And it while is considered as the undesirable measure, capable to lower rates of economic growth, to limit an enterprise initiative and to complicate the solution of social problems. Including preservation of the environment by a cost-based factor of development China takes away to an ecological policy minor value.

Keywords: Peoples Republic of China, development, environment, industrial production, state.

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