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Gurevich, P.S. A Well-Deserved Respect of a Classical Author

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2013-11 in rubric "The stream of books", pages 1631-1639.

Resume: The book is devoted to the anniversary of the birth of a classical author in modern philosophy Paul Ricœur (1913-2005). The book contains the text of the speech of the philosophers Cogito crisis read at the International Conference dedicated to the 400th anniversary of René Descartes (held at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1993), lectures Hermeneutics, ethics and politics (read at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1996) as well as materials from theoretical conferences Paul Ricœur as a Philosopher of Dialogue (Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences in2006 ) and New Perspectives of Hermeneutics in Social Studies and Practical Philosophy (National Research University Higher School of Economics in 2001). Paul Ricœur is a famous philosopher of the XX early XXI centuries. Along with Martin Heidegger, Edmund Husserl and Ludwig Wittgenstein, Paul Ricœur is a classical author in modern philosophy. In his works Paul Ricœur summarized theoretical concepts of philosophers of a whole century and created his own original teaching about human and his opportunities. Paul Ricœur also suggested a number of ideas which can triger philosophical researches in this coming century. The author of the present reviw also underlines special contribution of Vdovina in distributing and analyzing Paul Ricœurs ideas in Russia as well as effors made by other researchers and translators such as A. Gustyr, O. Machulsky, I. Blauberg, E. Petrovskaya, N. Motroshilova, E. Shulgi, A. Pavlova, A. Borisenkova and A. Philippova, S. Zenkina, V. Vizgina and others.

Keywords: philosophy, hermeneutics, personality, phenomenology, philosophical anthropology, imagination, identity, event, ethics, discourse.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2013.11.10123

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Pol' Riker v Moskve / Nauchnyy redaktor I.S. Vdovina. M., 2013. 488 s

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