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Kareeva-Popelkovskaya, K.A. Administrative interception measures and the problems of their implementation in police activities

Published in journal "Police activity", 2013-6 in rubric "Police enforcement", pages 390-401.

Resume: The various organizational and legal means are used in order to guarantee rule of law and legal order within the state administration system of the Russian Federation, and the influence of these means also varies depending on the participants of legal relations. The choice of methods for the regulation of public law relations depends on their role in administration organizations, on goals and aims, which they have, and also on lawfulness or unlawfulness of their actions. The traditional methods in administration relations are coercion and persuasion. Each of them is used depending on the situation and the goals of the legal practitioner. The police activities use the methods of administration, which are typical for the police activities and for the guarantees of legal order. The police, being the universal law-enforcement body, employs a complex of stimulating methods, as well as a system of coercive methods, forcing the legal entities and natural persons to follow the limitations and prohibitions established by law based on the will of the state. Therefore, public coercion is the central element of the police activities. Interception of crimes and administrative offences is mostly executed by coercive means. However, the state coercion is not homogenous. It may be differentiated into a number of groups. The administrative interception measures are central to the system of public coercion. Administrative coercion is applied by most services and divisions of the police. That is why the problem of improvement of the administrative interception measures and formation of the efficient mechanism for their use in the police activities is so topical. The administrative coercion measures implemented by the police are various. These measures support the law-enforcement potential of various administrative prevention measures, allowing to expose crimes and administrative offences, as well as guaranteeing application of administrative punishments.

Keywords: police, coercion, policeman, control, problem, implementation, arms, special means, danger, damage.

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1964.2013.6.10597

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