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Borisenkov, A.A. Defi nition of social power in the modern Russian Constitution

Published in journal "Law and Politics", 2013-13 in rubric "Authority and management", pages 1786-1795.

Resume: The article includes analysis to the ideas of social power and its role in the state and society systems, as provided for by the current Russian Constitution. The methodology of studies is based upon the understanding of nature of power, forms and types of its existence, specific features of its use and correlation of political power and state power within the system of state administration. The novelty of the study is due to the fact of clarification of the definition of social power, and establishing the need to single out its various types, discussing the elements of these types of power and their value for state administration. The author formulates a provision that any social power is an institutionally formed social force. It is pointed out that use of social power is not possible without attaining competence. It is noted that both political power and state power are implemented within the system of state administration, and it is provided that political power is inseparably connected with political institutions within the state, and they form the state superstructure, and that executive character of state power is inseparably connected with the executive institutions of the state. Finally, the author discusses the need to improve the contents of constitutional articles regulating social power.

Keywords: Constitution, state, state government, social power, state power, political power, democracy, state institutions, political institutions, state superstructure.

DOI: 10.7256/1811-9018.2013.13.10371

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