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Sizemskaya, I. N. Nikolai Stankevich and Russian Social Ideas During the First Third of the XIX Century

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2013-10 in rubric "The history of humanitarian science", pages 1428-1435.

Resume: The article is devoted to social and philosophical views of Nikolai Stankevich which he developed as a part of his ideas of esthetic humanism. The author of the article discusses Stankevich influence as a spiritual leader of his generation and the leader of the group of philosophers that left a significant mark in the history of Russian culture. Besides that, the author carries out the analysis of cultural and academic environment during the 30s 40s of the XIX century as a new stage in Russian Enlightenment caused by the growth of national identity and interest towards European social philosophy and philosophical concepts trying to explain the place and role of Russia in European history. The author shows that back in those times philosophical community mostly existed as literary and philosophical groups and Stankevich group was the center of social and philosophical discussions. Many ideas discussed there, including those offered by Stankevich himself, were developed next decades. This shows the importance of philosophy in science and offers interpretation of progress as a never-ending spiritual and moral improvement of the mankind. This is what defined the main priorities of development of Russian philosophy and this is what, according to the author, makes Stankevich a symbolic figure of his times.

Keywords: esthetic humanism, philosophy, metaphysics, wise goodness, understanding, secularism, personality concept, art, philosophical poetry, undivided knowledge.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2013.10.9524

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