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Bocharnikov, I.V. Phenomenon of patriotism in the global political history

Published in journal "International relations", 2013-4 in rubric "Interests and values", pages 513-518.

Resume: The article is devoted to the key evolutionary stages of the definition of patriotism as one of fundamental values of the human civilization in the global political history. The author pays attention to the specific features of patriotism development in the Ancient Greece and Rome, as an ideological basis for the formation and existence of statehoods, unlike the Middle Ages, when patriotism lost its value as recognition of priority of state interests. In the opinion of the author formation of the national self-conscience at the time of Renaissance and the Modern Times in many states make the issue of raising patriotic citizens topical once again. There is a clear connection between the patriotism and the ideological bases for the support of state interests and security. In the opinion of the author the states, which defy patriotism or allow it to devalue, for example by substituting it with the provocative terms nationalism, chauvinism, etc. are doomed to degrade and be forgotten.

Keywords: international relations, foreign policy, Russia, patriotism, education, values, ideology, nationalism, conflict, cooperation.

DOI: 10.7256/2305-560X.2013.4.9271

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