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Tolsteneva, U. L. Subjective Meaning of Personal Existential

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2013-2 in rubric "Philosophy and pedagogy", pages 135-141.

Resume: As a philosophical movement, existentialism has been today replaced by new tendencies. However, human existence is still associated with many threats and contradictions. Human life is often exposed to danger not only due to global catastrophes and risks. There is a new anthropological image which is going to be created based on high-tech resources. Even though human life seems to enjoy his well-being, he is entering the world of paradoxical values. Gay people can get married and raise children. Political reality is viewed as a part of psychopathology. Absurdity, as Albert Camus once said, is met on every street corner. Traditional values are not just fading away. They demonstrate their other side like werewolves. Strong family union is viewed as an anachronism and sacrifice is viewed as a romantic folly. Honesty is the relic of the past and modesty is the manifestation of being unsuccessful. In such a situation we all need life-purpose orientations. Fear and quiver, the feeling of hopelessness and fits of insanity follow a man and make him make his own decisions and show his own human response. Such a response is individual and cant be collective.

Keywords: psychology, philosophy, philosophical anthropology, existential, human, personality, activity, meaning, subjectivity, life-purpose orientations.

DOI: 10.7256/2306-434.2013.2.9481

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