'The goals of anti-corruption monitoring as a diagnostic instrument of regional anti-corruption policy: comparative legal study' Administrative and municipal law nbpublish.com
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Kabanov, P.A. The goals of anti-corruption monitoring as a diagnostic instrument of regional anti-corruption policy: comparative legal study

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2013-8 in rubric "Public service, municipal service and issues in the fight against corruption", pages 825-830.

Resume: The article contains analysis of declared and achievable goals of regional anti-corruption monitoring with the use of comparative legal instruments. The author uncovers the obvious contradictions between the regional anti-corruption legislation and by-laws regulating organization and holding of regional anti-corruption monitoring related to goal-settings. Characterizing the goal-setting in the legal regulation and holding regional anti-corruption monitoring, the author found out that while in some constituent subjects of the Russian Federation the goals of anti-corruption monitoring as provided by the regional legislation are expressed broader than in the by-laws, in other constituent subject the situation is the opposite, when the goals anti-corruption monitoring in the by-laws are broader than the goals in the regional anti-corruption legislation. Due to the above-mentioned matters, the author comes to a conclusion that the norms of regional legal acts on organization and holding anti-corruption monitoring need to be unified, including the sphere of main goals of organization and holding of such monitoring.

Keywords: Corruption, fighting corruption, causes of corruption, corruption generating factors, corruption monitoring, anti-corruption monitoring, monitoring.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2013.8.8988

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