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Frolova, M.I. De-individualization as an object for social and philosophical reflection

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2013-8 in rubric "Social philosophy", pages 1069-1076.

Resume: The article contains an attempt to reveal nature, causes and forms of processes of de-individualization of a human being in the situation of global social and anthropological crisis. A human being in a modern age becomes dependent upon various forms of de-individualization (political, economic, media, religious, everyday). The variety of economic offers and political pluralism do not guarantee individual freedom. Rather, they mask the lack of freedom. The thinkers, who wrote about de-individualization of a human being pointed out that the main reason for it was lack of ability and wish to follow the high values. Aiming solely for success, an individual cannot find himself. Neither hypertrorphy Ego, nor dissolved Ego may bring happiness to a person. Such a tragic alternative serves as a basis for deviations, which are so common in the modern society. The nature of the de-individualization processes is that mass society forces a person to make his personality into the means for achieving success, which makes self-development a secondary factor.

Keywords: global social and anthropological crisis, human individuality, alienation, manipulation, freedom, dialogue, Fromm, Ortega-i-Gasset, Heyzinga, Buber, Markuze.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2013.8.9033

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