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Astanin, V.V. Fighting corruption: perspective approaches to prevention and compensation of harm.

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2013-7 in rubric "Liability in administrative and municipal law", pages 719-722.

Resume: The article concerns topical issues of fighting corruption, which are due to the modern legislative, political and legal solutions in the sphere of prophylactics of corruption, and the restorative justice measures. The article includes analysis of defects in law enforcement, regarding many-fold fines assigned as additional punishment to the persons guilty of offences. The author notes the obstacles to the application of civil law measures of responsibility for the corruption-related offences. The existing shortcomings of the anti-corruption legislation is regarded as one of the sources of determination and development of criminal threats (organized crime, drug crime, legalization of money, earned by criminal means), as well as other corruption-related matters (non-payment policy, lack of financing, non-performance under state contracts).The perspective approaches to the prevention of corruption and active application of restorative legal measures are related to correction of legislation, optimization of law-enforcement (including the context of correlation of criminal law and civil law measures).

Keywords: corruption, corruption-related offence, prevention of corruption, shadow economy, compensation of harm, practice of criminal punishment.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2807.2013.7.9084

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