'On the Question about State Responsibility for Using Force in Modern International Law' Law and Politics nbpublish.com
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Sazonova, K. L. On the Question about State Responsibility for Using Force in Modern International Law

Published in journal "Law and Politics", 2013-6 in rubric "XXI century International law", pages 809-812.

Resume: The present article is devoted to a burning question about responsibility for using force as a part of the institution of responsibility in international law. Over half a century the problem of responsibility has been one of the least regulated branches of law because it is closely connected with such debatable legal aspects as the problem of state sovereignty and the issues of the legitimate and non-legitimate use of force in international law. The author analyzes the grounds of such responsibility, the definition of guilt and views of different researchers on the problem of responsibility in general. It can be assumed that the problem of coding the question about responsibility can further create the problem of realization of such responsibility because this institution is at the intersection of law and politics. State responsibility for using force should be always discussed and underlined by the academic society because the development of the institution of responsibility would allow to establish order in modern international relations and reduce the frequency of illegal use of force. It would also denote the beginning of a new stage in international law development.

Keywords: Law studies, responsibility, force, right, institution, codification, state, guilt, branch, project.

DOI: 10.7256/1811-9018.2013.6.6265

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