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Gurevich, P. S. Absurd but Beautiful

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2013-5 , pages 579-582.

Resume: French author and philosopher Ablert Camus is often called the artist of absurdity. Albert Camus wrote that the feeling of absurdity awaits us at every corner. This feeling cannot be clearly defined but it is real. Mid XX century faced a new question about the meaning of beauty. Indeed, the Second World War caused enormous deaths and destructions and made us think about the fortune and purpose of art. There was even a thought that it would be impossible to come back to the usual beauty concepts after the horror of detention camps.

Keywords: philosophy, absurd, beautiful, beauty, Surrealism, fantasy, inspiration, creativity, automatic writing, author.

DOI: 10.7256/1999-2793.2013.05.1

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