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Trebenok A. A., Handogina A. V. About International cooperation in the sphere of staff training in the law enforcement bodies

Published in journal "Police activity", 2013-1 in rubric "Police staffing", pages 17-20.

Resume: the article reviews history and present day situation of international cooperation in the sphere of staff training of law enforcement agencies, major types and directions in this work are outlined, including the work which is being carried out by educational establishments of MOIA of Russia. Longterm productive and positive cooperation of All-Russia Institute of Professional Retraining of the officers of MOIA of Russia, Management Academy of the MOIA of Russia, Moscow University of MOIA of Russia serves as a significant example of international cooperation. Over several decades these educational establishments of MOIA of Russia realize agreement about cooperation in this sphere with foreign police educational centers.

Keywords: international cooperation, staff, law enforcement agencies, universal level, agreement, organization of collective security treaty organization (CSTO), law and order, crime.

DOI: 10.7256/2222-1964.2013.01.4

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