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Korolev, S. A. ‘Disciplinary Dreams’ as the Phenomenon of ‘Public Subconsciousness. Systematization Experience

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2012-10 , pages 32-54.

Resume: The article stresses out the term ‘public subconsciousness’ although this term is not so well known in social and humanitarian studies. The author of the article underlines that this term must be distinguished from Jung’s term ‘collective unconscious’ which means the product of inherited brain structures. The author analyzes over two hundred of comments from social networks that talk about dreams in which an individual stays in the army or students’ dormitory. The author states that there is a certain matrix of perceiving and evaluating social realities that stands above individual subconsciousness. This layer of consciousness is represented in one’s dreams and provides grounds for understanding the realities of modern Russian society and its consciousness structures.

Keywords: psychology, subconsciousness, consciousness, unconsciousness, psychoanalysis, dream, army, dormitory, Freud, Jung.

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