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Samotovinsky, D. V. Struggle for Eschatology in Europe During XVI Century: French Philosopher, Theologist and Astrologist Richard Roussat Against Reformation Apocalypticism

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2012-10 , pages 133-139.

Resume: The article is devoted to the opinion of a catholic philosopher Roussat on the modern age and the future from the point of view of eschatology. The author shows anti-reformation orientation of Roussat’s eschatological conception. Roussat’s thoughts about the end of times were based on the Medieval tradition of thought (Roger Bacon, d’Ailly and others) that suggested an interesting synthesis of orthodox eschatology and astrology. Using astrology, Roussat made an attempt to discredit apocalypticism typical for different Reformation tendencies and to create an alternative eschatological perspective. From that perspective, apocalypses is moved from the nearest future to the distant future and thus loses its significance. As a result, the entire eschatological logic of Reformation was questioned because it viewed those ages as the ‘last times’, the Antichrist epoch and a fast outcome. The study of Roussat’s works provides additional facts proving that the distance of eschatological expectations was a specific tendency typical for the catholic perception of the world during Reformation.

Keywords: cultural research, astrology, apocalypticism, eschatology, anabaptism, millennialism, Antichrist, Reformation, Catholicism, theology.

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