'Country estates of the Bogorodsky region in the context of cultural and economic development of the territories' History magazine: researches nbpublish.com
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Chernyavskaya E.N. Country estates of the Bogorodsky region in the context of cultural and economic development of the territories

Published in journal "History magazine: researches", 2012-5 in rubric "Historical time and space", pages 53-74.

Resume: the article traces the evolution of the nobility and merchant estates in Bogorodsky region of Moscow governorate in stages of formation (XVIII 1st third of XIX century), mass transformation (2nd third of the XIX century 1917), the exploitation of their material component (1917 present time). Homesteads are seen as the most important architectural and urban areas facilities, centers of social, cultural and economic life of the region, heritage sites. For each stage the brightest objects and related phenomena are described. The article shows up the specific character of the eastern Moscow suburbs estates: the early industrial activity and mass belonging to merchants. Preserved manor complexes and production facilities harmoniously related to them are suggested to be considered as heritage sites of the urban level. Today there are 39 different objects of the different estate of preservation, which may be involved in the life of modern society for restoring the communication of times and generations.

Keywords: history, cultural studies, country estate, eastern Moscow suburbs, nobles, merchants, business, architecture, landscape, heritage.

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