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Picard, L. Victorian London. Education (translated by Kulagina-Yartseva, V. S.)

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2012-3 , pages 69-79.

Resume: Ragged schools were one of the famous achievements during Victorian epoch. Quintin Hogg was one of the school teachers. One of the goals at raged schools was to turn hopeless young savages into well-mannered young people who had elementary social skills, respected themselves and could leave the only world they had known the world of crime and poverty. Working adults who for some reason had not realized their intellect potentials could attend evening classes at such universities like London Institute of Mechanics founded in 1823. If someone simply had no money to attend lectures, he could also use other ways to work on his self-education in London. In 1841 London Library was opened in Pall Mall. Later it was moved to St. James area where it has been located ever since then. London Library still remains a wonderful example of all the best during the Victorian age.

Keywords: pedagogy, ragged school, Quintin Hogg, European free school, Anglican schools, public schools, evening classes, Institute of Technical Sciences, system of prefects, London Library.

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