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Novichkova, G. A. Erich Fromms Ideas on Educational Anthropology

Published in journal "Pedagogy and education", 2012-3 in rubric "Educational psychology", pages 57-68.

Resume: In his creative work Erich Fromm paid much attention at the problems of educational anthropology. In particular, he set a goal for philosophers to create a new Human who builds the society based on principles of humanism and freedom. To achieve the above mentioned goal, philosophers can use so called humanistic pedagogy which can humanize the personal, inner world of a person, his concepts of the Good and Evil as well as expand his ideals and make a person better and more self-sufficient which would certainly benefit both a person himself and other people as well.

Keywords: pedagogy, educational anthropology, human, society, up-bringing, education, activity, to be, to have, interest, concentration.

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