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Rozin, V. M. Management Philosophy as a Refl ection Over Social Processes and Practical Discipline

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2012-8 in rubric "Conflict and consensus", pages 53-63.

Resume: The article is devoted to the requirements set for creation of a new social discipline – management philosophy which is viewed by the author as a wide refl ection over social process and a new type of practice. In this connection, the author discusses the following issues: modern challenges of management philosophy, general tasks of philosophy in general and management philosophy in particular (which tasks include the critics of unsatisfi ed methods of management, constitution enforcement of management, analysis of the other reality which causes different types of management and their evolution). The main challenges of management philosophy are provided by the modern society but they are not so easy to be discovered. Nevertheless, the author discusses such challenges and provides the following two examples of – determination of the social and general mission of management and direction of management at the leading type of sociality. In particular, the author shows that modern problems and contradictions are solved through the balance and contrariety of different forces. A considerable role is played by selfi sh desires of social individuals, evaluation of the ‘reasonable selfi shness’, cultural factors, discussions and attitudes in the society, activity and passionarity of certain societies, individual preferences and behavior and, fi nally, invention of new social technologies (unions, compromises, negotiations, reforms and etc.) As a result, the leading type of sociality is also being established. Since management threads all layers and elements of the society and deals with both rational organization of activity and relations between people, practically every person is involved in management (at least through his family or work). So consequently, he has to form certain attitude to this phenomenon, too. And this is where the management philosophy can help.

Keywords: management, philosophy, society, modern age, sociality, selfi shness, justice, reality, practice, dispositive.

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