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Nikolaev, S.A. The foreign policy of the USA in the Central Asia: correlation of interests and values.

Published in journal "International relations", 2012-1 in rubric "Interests and values", pages 68-71.

Resume: The problem of correlation of values and interests in the foreign policy is viewed in this article through the prism of the US policy in the Central Asia in 1991 2008. It is shown why the American administration failed to resolve it within the framework of the doctrine of aggressive realism. It is stressed out that the support of fast democratization of the region without due consideration of its specifi c features did not allow the Washington to fully implement its strategic goals in the Central Asia, including those in the sphere of security and confi guration of the regional sub-system of international relations.

Keywords: the USA, the Central Asian region, Russia, dilemma of values and interests, aggressive realism, democratization and security, Greater Central Asia.

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