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Selednikova, O. N. Some Issues of Compensation for Criminal Property Damage at the Stage of Pre-Trial Investigation

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2012-8 , pages 80-85.

Resume: The issues raised in the article relate to certain aspects of realization of a very -important function of criminal proceedings provision and protection of property rights and legal entities of victims. In particular, the author describes subjective and objective factors hindering from full compensation of property damage and provides their classification. The author also makes certain examples of gaps in legal regulation due to which it is not always possible to timely define property and financial resources out of which the compensation an be made. The author also studies the problem of protection of victims rights related to compensation for material damage at the stage of pre-trial investigation and makes certain suggestions on how to improve the above mentioned institution of criminal proceedings. For example, the author raises a question about the need in legal enforcement of the right of law enforcement officials to receive certain bonus for actually compensated criminal damage. The author studies the experience of foreign states which have created state and social funds for compensation of damage to life and health of citizens. Based on the author, we can use their experience for similar purposes in Russia.

Keywords: criminal trial, crime, property damage, pre-trial investigation, seizure of property, compensation, physical entity, restoration, provision, observation.

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