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Kurilova, E. V. On the Question about Keeping Records of Activities Undertaken by Prosecution, Administrative Agencies and Courts to Bring to Administrative Responsibility in the Sphere of Environment Protection

Published in journal "Administrative and municipal law", 2012-8 , pages 66-68.

Resume: The article provides the author’s opinion concerning keeping records of activities undertaken by prosecution, administration agencies and courts to bring to administrative responsibility including responsibility in the sphere of environment protection. At the present time we do not have a uniform state statistic record of administrative offense which would reflect the practice of bringing to administrative responsibility. The author of the article suggests to legally enforce powers of prosecution agencies to conduct a state statistic record of revealed administrative offences.

Keywords: prosecutor, responsibility, administrative, supervision, jurisdiction, records, system, environment, violation.

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1. Vinokurov A.Yu. O nekotorykh voprosakh, svyazannykh s primeneniem administrativnoy otvetstvennosti za
sovershenie ekologicheskikh pravonarusheniy / Aktual'nye voprosy rossiyskogo prava: sbornik nauchnykh
statey. Vyp. 19. — M.: MosGU, 2010.

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