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Amelchenko, S. N. Modeling as an Instrument of Ontology and Cultural Gnoseology

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2012-6 , pages 19-29.

Resume: Method of modeling is not studied enough and rarely used in modern ontology and cultural gnoseology. A rare example of this method is M. Kagans conception describing the place of culture in the system of human existence. Some of Kagans ideas can be developed and compelted which would allow to make changes in the process of formation of objective knowledge in culture. This is the goal of the research of the structure of ontological system that includes existence of objectivized and individual ideal approaches (elements not mentioned by Kagan). The author of the article shows that this is the part of existence (human being) where meaning, ideals and life goals of human and society are being produced. The research also shows a dialectic connection between structure of existence (which levels and forms are conditioned by the formation of culture) and the role of culture causing the variety of these elements and creating a representation of such existence elements as the human, social and ideal.

Keywords: philosophy, culture, being, modeling, human, society nature, system, ideal, social, material.

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