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Zaselskaya, T.L. Anthropological origins of the spiritual and moral education system in the works of St. Nil of Sora

Published in journal "Psychology and Psychotechnics", 2012-6 , pages 25-33.

Resume: The article is devoted to the hermeneutical analysis of the written works of St. Nil of Sora. The author examines the major works of the elder and demonstrates their importance in the history of Russian pedagogy. The views of St. Nil differed from the other authoritative representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Nil believed that the enormous edifying power is hidden in the writings of the Holy Fathers. Educational concept of the elder is an expanded teaching of the Russian life feeling according to the patristic tradition, where the main method of knowledge is a hermeneutic method, that presupposes comprehension of the meaning the works of the Fathers concerning to the realities of the era, pedagogical reality, practice of education and training.

Keywords: teaching, prayer, silence, anthropology, saints, spirituality, morality, education, the Nonpossessors Movement, St. Nil of Sora.

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