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Chesnov, Ya. V. How to Get Anthropological Thoughts?

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2012-5 in rubric "Hermeneutics", pages 15-28.

Resume: Virtual anthropological way of thinking is typical both for culture beams and anthropologist. Based on that, the ethics of a field (ethnographic) research is being created. Empirical facts are organized by the genre. Philosophy gives an anthropologist the logic of hermeneutical means as well as the vector of humanitarian expertise.

Keywords: philosophy, constants, thoughtform, understanding, virtual world, theatrical effectiveness, topography, fact, anthropologist.

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1. Chesnov Ya.V. Lektsii po istoricheskoy etnologii. M.: Gardarika, 1998.
2. Geertz C. The Interpretation of Cultures. Basic Books. New York, 1973.

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