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K.O. Ilnitskiy Origin and Development of the Great Britain Copyright Legislation: Legal Review

Published in journal "Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law", 2012-1 , pages 132-135.

Resume: General Great Britain acts on authors and publishers rights (15381886) were analyzed in the article. Statute of Anne 1710 confirmed authors and publishers rights in terms of issued privileges. However Statute of Anne 1710 wasnt a copyright law because the term copyright wasnt exist in the Statute. Cases, acts and commentaries of English lawyers were sources of Great Britain copyright legislation. The new systematized copyright act was adopted in 1814 and cancelled Statute of Anne 1710. Great Britain concluded bilateral agreements on copyright protection with European states In the middle of the XIX century. However Great Britain continued to improve the national copyright legislation and the new copyright act was adopted in 1911. In 1988 the present Copyright, Designs and Patents Act was adopted. Later it was amended repeatedly.

Keywords: copyright of Great Britain, printing privilege, the Licensing Act 1662, Statute of Anne 1710, Company of Stationers, the Stamp Act 1711, the Dramatic Authors Society, Order in Council, the Society of Artists, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

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