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Gurevich, P. S. Symbol as a Password o Culture (Topic Review)

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2012-3 , pages 124-133.

Resume: This is the summary of the books devoted to cultural researches: Ontology of Cultural Research. Symbolic Space o Culture, Ontology of Cultural Research. Reflection of Culture and Samarys book Where the Beams are Crossed.

Keywords: philosophy, culture, symbol, poetry, researches.

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Antologiya issledovaniy kul'tury. Simvolicheskoe pole kul'tury. SPb., 2011. 384 s.
(tirazh 1000 ekz.)
Antologiya issledovaniy kul'tury. Otrazheniya kul'tury / Sostavitel' L.A. Mo-
stova. M., 2011. 422 s. (tirazh 1000 ekz.)
Samariy Velikovskiy. V skreshchen'e luchey. Ocherki frantsuzskoy poezii XIX-XX vekov.
M.-Sankt-Peterburg, 2011. 415 s. (tirazh 1000 ekz.)

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