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Starikov, A. A., Lebedev, S. V. Communication Aspect of Political Risks in Trans-National Corporation Activity

Published in journal "Politics and Society", 2012-2 in rubric "Social studies and monitoring", pages 87-95.

Resume: The authors try to study perception of political risks by the key leaders of trans-national companies in this or that region. Based on A. Tversky’s and D. Kanneman’s researchers, the authors of the article show how psychological heuristic (simplifi ed methods of information processing) infl uences the assessment of this or that risk. The authors pay special attention at some leaders’ inclination to overstate micro risks and underestimate micro-risks.

Keywords: political studies, communicative linguistics, political risk, perspective theory of risks, coincidence error, heuristics of presence, narrative, automatic way of information processing, political communications.

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