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Ursul, A. D., Ursul, T. A. Global (Universal) Evolutionism: Object Field and Topical Orientation

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2012-2 , pages 6-20.

Resume: The article is devoted to the general scientific conception of the global (universal) evolution in which selforganization of the material systems are the only and basic permanent process of progressive development in the visible Universe. Self-preservation is shown as a dominating form of existence of different forms of the material in the Universe that is materialized in items through evolution, in hidden matter (dark mass) through changes as some kind of proto-evolution, in space vacuum (dark energy) through movements and rest. The main advantage of studying this type of evolution is thought to be a superhighway as the trajectory of evolution processes in the Universe lying in the basis of constant self-organization of the material systems starting from the Big Bang and ending with the social phase of evolution which has an uncertain and long-term socio-natural continuation.

Keywords: philosophy, global evolutionism, information criteria, global studies of the space, self-preservation, selforganization, superhighway, sustainable development, evolutionary conservatism, evolutionary global studies.

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