'Using of Simulation Modeling in the System of Tax State Tax Prediction and Planning' Taxes and Taxation nbpublish.com
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Kirina, L. S. Using of Simulation Modeling in the System of Tax State Tax Prediction and Planning

Published in journal "Taxes and Taxation", 2012-1 in rubric "PREDICTION AND PLANNING IN TAXATION", pages 4-7.

Resume: In the article the problems of development of tool of state tax management and making are considered on this basis of practical recommendations on application of his constituents in the conditions of globalization of economic processes.

Keywords: taxes and taxation, state regulation, fl ow of tax revenues, tax to revenue ratio, effi ciency of tax planning and prediction, matrix of tax to revenue coeffi cients, simulation model of predicted values, minimization of fi nancial risks of a government, modeling of tax revenues, mid-term and long-term planning of tax crime, economic activity of a particular region.

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Nalogovyy kodeks Rossiyskoy Federatsii. M.: Prospekt. - KnoRUs. - 2011
Prognozirovanie i planirovanie v nalogooblozhenii. I.I. Bablenkova, L.S. Kirina, G.N. Karpova,
N.A. Gorokhova.
Aktual'nye problemy razvitiya nalogovoy sistemy Rossii v pervom desyatiletii XXI veka. L.I.
Goncharenko. M.: Finansovyy universitet. - 2011.

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