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Shmeleva, N. D. Social Communications: Subjective and Objective Sides

Published in journal "Philosophy and Culture", 2011-11 , pages 66-72.

Resume: Modern society places a priority on social communicative processes and relations. This is where the key points of the globally expanding world being defined. In such process social communications have got the two directions at the same time: inside their own social system and outside of it. By the means of communications the local societies reveal and accept conditions and parameters of their own link to the norms and requirements of the international level. Such duality of social communications is an essential condition of preservation of cultures and social structures f the local worlds despite the growing tendency of convergence and interaction between countries and peoples. The author of this article describes some forms of social communications which reflect the social norms. These forms of communications include: game, crosscultural communications and social partnership.

Keywords: philosophy, culture, social communications, game, crosscultural communications, text, message, cultural code, partnership, society.


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